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Wahj One

Seeking to build an innovative project that tells the story of commitment and endurance, a couple of senior students got the idea of making a solar car "Wahj"; they presented the idea to KFUPM advisory board. The project was approved and the deadline for the project in its first phase was set to be 30th of September 2011. Founding members then established a team that consists of 15 members known as Seraaj Team. The team consisted of engineering and management disciplines, ranging from freshman’s to seniors. Three groups were main pillars of the team’s structure; each group consists of three units. Team members were given the opportunity to choose one of the following units:

Mechanical Group.

  • Body & Aerodynamics Unit.
  • 3D Modeling & Simulation Unit.
  • Mechanical Systems Unit.

Electrical Group.

  • Motor & Controllers Unit.
  • Battery & Embedded Systems Unit.
  • Solar & Power Management Unit.

Media & Logistics Group.

  • Finance Unit.
  • Logistics Unit.
  • Media Unit.

To produce the best solar racing car possible, we had to explore the perfect balance between superior aerodynamics, high efficiency, light weight, safety, and reliability. However, being the first one; members faced difficulties in envisioning, designing, and manufacturing a solar race car in only 11 months with little background and experience in the subject. Nevertheless, Team members proved skeptics wrong by trying to build most of Wahj’s part inside Seraaj Team’s workshop. 85% of Wahj 1 parts were designed and manufacture by team members, only advanced technical parts were bought ready according to Seraaj team scope of specifications “for example solar cells and electric motor”. Parts, like car body and frame, were designed from scratch and manufactured from raw materials by team members. 

On 30th of September, 2011 Saudi Arabia officially entered the list of countries that manufacture cars by registering the first Saudi Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) according to Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) for Wahj 1. Two weeks after, Wahj 1 was successfully tested and passed all the required safety and reliability regulations for participating in World Solar Challenge 2011 race in Australia. On the 21st of October, Wahj 1 crossed the race finishing line, ranking 29th out 37 teams and second place on the new comers ranking. Seraaj Team Surpassed teams from well-known universities from USA, UK, South Korea, India and Canada. 
Aiming to be the best, Seraaj Team arrived from Australia to its Workshop to the second project “Wahj 2” with better results and performance.