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Wahj Two

The finish line of the WSC in Adelaide was not the end for Seraaj Team journey; it was the beginning of a bigger and more ambitious goal. After returning to Saudi Arabia, the team started to set new targets and took the burden of promoting renewable energy, volunteering, and innovation; the team has proven that Saudi youth is capable of high standard international achievements and to race with experienced competitors. 

The team started to tour Saudi Arabia running exhibits and conferences to educate people and spread knowledge about solar cars and renewable energy. In-line with that, the team started to acquire new members for forming the 2nd generation to lead the team for another cycle of accomplishments.

The 2nd generation of the team was of 22 students with different Engineering and Management disciplines. Although the regulations of the design had more constrains for the next cycle, the team managed to meet the regulations and add more improvements. Wahj2, the next edition solar car, had better aerodynamics although it has an extra tire, the battery mass was reduced from 40Kg to 21Kg while keeping the same energy capacity, and the total weight of the car was reduced by 5%. These improvements made the Wahj2 able to reach the speed of 160Km/hr compared to 140Km/hr in the previous car. Wahj2 also was built using more advanced materials like pre-impregnated carbon fiber.

The team tested the car and established a simulation model to reach optimum performance. Data including race path coordinates, inclination, forecasted wind speed & direction, solar power & angle of radiation, the car power consumption, etc. were all taken in consideration in the model.

During the shipping from Sidney to Darwin, the truck transferring Wahj2 container had an unfortunate accident that started a fire in the truck and Wahj2. The car was completely turned into ashes and only few remaining from the battery and the chassis were found. Such regrettable news to team members was shocking, but the team accepted the fact that accidents can happen and decided to take this as a motivation to build the 3rd generation of the car.